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How To Block Javascript In Your BrowserÖAnd Why You Should!

If you're using Firefox, as I am,

then you absolutely must listen to the first part of

long-time computer security guru Steve Gibson's

"Security Now!" weekly podcast

(episode #416 - Aug. 7, 2013) via this URL:


Start listening at the 11 min. mark...

...continue listening until the 18-1/4 min. mark.

Also, if you do not already have them installed,
I highly recommend that
 you download and install:
the free NoScript,
Adblock Plus,

and Ghostery
Firefox add-ons.

You can easily do that via
my suggested list of Firefox add-ons
at this link:

(I highly recommend that you also consider
the other add-ons listed
, too.
)  -- Bike Bob