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[Particularly Important to any/all UFO Field Investigators!] :

MIKE GERMAN is a former FBI agent specializing in domestic counterterrorism for many years.

  (He currently is the National Security Policy Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union.)

[In a December 24, 2010 Democracy Now! / Amy Goodman interview he said]  :

"And the FBI appears to be at the center of one of these expansive collection programs

called eGuardian, is the new one.

Guardian is one thatís been around for a while.

But now thereís a new one, eGuardian,

thatís part of a nationwide suspicious activity reporting program

that encourages state and local law enforcement agencies,

as well as the general public, to report

behaviors that they describe as inherently suspicious,

and these include things like

taking notes or drawing diagrams,

taking measurements,

taking photographs or video.

Ö. this sort of reduction in standards allows the collection of material

against people who are not even suspected of being involved in wrongdoing.

And that is really an open door to abuse."

[He further noted that]:

after 9/11, those standards have been diluted significantly to where

now the FBI literally requires no factual predicate to start an investigation."

[And he followed up by saying that] :

"...your innocence doesnít protect you anymore,

that they can literally start collecting information on anyone."

[Read further important excerpts from that interview at this link.]